Fanatics and Collectors out now

Fanatics and Collectors is available now via Few Press.

“J.P. Robinson is a special writer. Picking up on small details to make familiar stories seem brand new, and uncovering forgotten, parallel musical histories, this is a beautiful, concise work.”

Bob Stanley, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah: The Story of Modern Pop, Saint Etienne

Featuring: the naked hippy who thought he was Jesus; the trial of Chuck Berry and the teenage Apache girl; the long history of “punk”; the record collectors of the Blitz; the forgotten song that made The Beach Boys cool again; the collector and spy who promoted the first integrated band in America; the folk music of North Korea; the Cliff Richard retirement home; the white supremacists who bombed Louis Armstrong; the boy who egged Sinatra; and other true stories.

Praise for J.P. Robinson:

- “…incredibly original, absorbing…”, Longreads

- What We’re Reading, The Guardian

- Top Weekend Read, Politico

- Editor’s Pick, Longform

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Recommended by Longreads, Digg, The Guardian. Most Popular pick by Longform, Medium. Fanatics and Collectors out now via Few Press. Twitter: @MrJPRobinson